L1A Intra Company Transferee

L1A Intra Company Transferee

We have successfully represented clients/business owners who needed to transfer an employee in a managerial capacity to the United States.

In addition, the intra company transferee, L1A visa allows foreign business owners to establish a new business in the United States.

In either case certain requirements should be met, such as:

The foreign company should be up and running

The United States Company should be an affiliated, subsidiary, branch of the foreign company

The intra-company transferee should be employed by the foreign company for at least 1 year during the 3 preceding years.

In the event that the foreign employee is coming to open a new office in the United States a business plan detailing the expected growth of the company is strongly recommended.  As well as, previous contract showing existing deals with US companies and an organizational chart that shows a hierarchy in the company, among other requirements.

Existing businesses must clearly show that the company is in operation in the US, with an existing payroll, and that the foreign employee is coming to fulfill executive or managerial duties within the company, among other requirements.

Please note that the application process and approval of the visa can be done while the beneficiary is in the United States.  However, the actual change of the visa in the beneficiary’s passport would be done in the consulate.  Therefore, once approved the applicant will go to the consulate to get the passport stamped.

The L1A visa allows the spouse of the principal applicant to work in the United States.




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