T Visa

T Visa

The T Visa is an immigration benefit for victims of human trafficking. But, what is human trafficking or when does it occur? Human trafficking is a crime. It occurs when the trafficker, transports or convinces another to come to the United States to exploit him as a domestic servant, prostitute, or forced laborers. Human trafficking also occurs within the United States even within the same city.

In most cases, the victim is convinced or lured to come to the United States under the promise of a job, or marriage or a better future. Then, the victim is used for the trafficker’s gain or to obtain an economic benefit. Many victims of human trafficking have arrived in the United States with a fiancée (K1) or work (H or J) or tourist (B1 / B2) visa.

The trafficker makes sure that the victim cannot escape through threats, hiding his documents, isolating him, denying him access to money, telephone, or transportation and uses the victim’s lack of legal status to achieve his criminal purpose.

Traffic must have occurred in the United States and the victim must be willing to cooperate with the authorities in the investigation of the crime.

The T visa is a benefit available not only to the victim but to certain members of their family. Through it and with the fulfillment of certain requirements the victim may be eligible for a permanent legal residence and in the future for citizenship.

At present, the processing time is approximately 14 months. With the approval of the visa the work permit will be issued. Then, the victim can apply for a green card or resident card.

Applying to this humanitarian visa does not require payment of fees to the immigration service. However, in cases where a waiver is required, we can request a different waiver for this payment.

If you believe you can qualify for a T visa or know someone who has been a victim, do not hesitate to contact us.


Disclaimer: The information found on this website is intended to be general information; it is not legal advice. Specific legal advice can only be given by a licensed professional with full knowledge of all the facts and circumstances of your particular situation.

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