The Violence against Women Act (VAWA)

The Violence against Women Act (VAWA)

VAWA protects victims of violence at the hands of a United States citizen or a legal permanent resident.

If the applicant is married to a US citizen or a legal permanent resident and is a victim of violence she/he is eligible to apply for green card based on the VAWA.

The applicant must show:

That She/He entered the marriage in good faith

The applicant must be married or have been married within the 2 years previous to the filing of the application to a US citizen or a legal permanent resident.

That She/He suffered extreme abuse at the hands of the USC/LPR

She/He would suffered extreme hardship if removed.

She/He is a person of good moral character.

If the applicant is victim of domestic violence after the family petition and the adjustment of status have been submitted she/he can still file a VAWA case.  Even if a temporary green card has been granted.

Please consider that processing is taking longer than usual a case based the VAWA could take over a year to be adjudicated.

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