U Visa for victims of certain qualifying crimes.

U Visa for victims of certain qualifying crimes.

In October of 2000 the United States Congress created the Non-Immigrant U Visa within the Human Trafficking and Violence Victims Act.

The spirit of the law is to reinforce the ability of the law enforcement agencies in charge of investigate and prosecute domestic violence case, sexual assault, human trafficking and other crimes while protecting the victims.

The qualifying crimes are enumerated by the law and crime must have occurred in the United States.  It is very important that the victim reports the crime to the law enforcement agencies and collaborates with the investigation and prosecution of the crime.

Even if the victim is undocumented in the United States or entered illegally into the country or overstayed his/her visa still can report the criminal activity, calling the police is the first step to put an end to the crime.

The U visa not only benefits the victim but in certain cases it can also benefit the victim’s children, spouse, parents and even minor siblings.

If you have been a victim of a crime and have reported it to the police, give us a call! We will be happy you to help you.


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